VITA-LIFE Headquarters Velden / Wörthersee (A)
+43 4274 4499 (08:30 - 12:00)

Information according to paragraph 5 of the E-commerce Law and Imprint

VITA LIFE HandelsgmbH
Am Sonnenhügel 38
9536 St. Egyden bei Velden am Wörthersee

Represented by: Ingrid Günther (CEO)

T: +43 4274 4499
F: +43 4274 449944

VAT Reg. No: ATU41708407
Company Reg. No: 153293g
Tax ID: 454/4575
Competent court: Regional Court of Klagenfurt
Core business activity: Trade in medical and wellness products
Supervisory Authority: BH Villach Land
Competent Chamber: Chamber of Commerce of Carinthia

Bank details:
Volksbank Kärnten AG
IBAN: AT38 4213 0311 0969 0003

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