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VITA-LIFE – Leading through regeneration

Easy. Uncomplicated. Legal

The use of VITA-LIFE systems can bring advantages in both top-class sports and broad sports. Maybe it can even help to make the all-important head start!

Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation as an ideal supplement for an athlete’s training plan

In sports, there is usually the irresistible desire to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors, to be faster THE tenth of a second, to jump THE centimeter or to keep THE minute longer. Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation from VITA-LIFE can make a valuable contribution by supporting the sportsman, for example, in regeneration.

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Passive method to supplement active training

Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation in the form of regular, training-accompanying applications represents in modern training an addition to active training in the form of a passive method for optimal, accelerated regeneration.

A “tougher” training is supported – without sacrificing performance.
If possible, the next training session can be set earlier.

Regeneration – restoration of performance

“Regeneration” is understood to mean restoring the normal performance after fatigue, for example after training, competition or stress, or after damage to the entire organism by injury or overload. As “stress” can be understood endurance sports, strength training, coordination as well as Puzzle.
The regeneration thus has a restoring or recreating function after a disturbance of the physiological equilibrium state.
Training and competition constitute such a “disturbance” of this equilibrium. The duration of the previous stress also depends on the duration of the restoration of the performance (physical as well as psychologically).

Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation can help to significantly reduce the regeneration times and thus optimize the regeneration.

Completely legal – and yet an “insider tip”!

*"Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation means, in addition to the optimization of the regeneration within the scope of injuries and overloads, Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation also means an increase in the efficiency of the training, whereby the Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation is NO unauthorized doping since the performance increase “only” within the individual physiological performance possibilities of the organism and the Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation is thus one of the simplest and most efficient methods for natural performance optimization. "
Dr. med. Martin Gschwender, niedergelassener Arzt in München

see Gschwender, Martin (2011): Magnetfeldtherapie bei Sportverletzungen und für eine legale Leistungsoptimierung. In: Informationsdienst Magnetfeldtherapie aktuell 43, S. 1–2.

The positive effects of Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation in particular on improved blood flow in training and regeneration are also scientifically proven.

see Hübscher, Johanna; Hartmann, J.; Illgner, M.; Hilberg, T.; Gabriel, Holger (2003): Einfluss elektromagnetischer Felder auf die Durchblutungsverbesserung in Training und Regeneration. In: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin 54 (7/8), S.64

VITA-LIFE regeneration zones at sporting events

At distinguished sports events, VITA-LIFE already supports the athletes with “VITA-LIFE regeneration zones”.
With the possibility to insert a regeneration unit immediately after the sporting peak performance on the VITA-LIFE R-System.

Most often with the “surprising” effect that a muscle ache the next day is weaker to feel than usual. Or even completely “missing”.

Applications of Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation in sports

The possible applications in sports are very diverse:

References of possible effects and application possibilities in various magazines, publications or studies

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Important note: The Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation (MRS) uses pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with low energy and low intensity. To gain the biological effect the MRS uses especially linked frequency bands. Similar to the magnetic field therapy with it´s static or pulsed magnetic fields to treat illnes or dysfunctions, MRS is naturopathic treatment and it´s effectiveness isn´t recognized by academic medicine, completly. All information given here referring to expiriences and results of many applicatons during years and also to many scientific studies. Much of this studies are issued on PubMed. (Search for “PEMF”)

References from the sport

VITA-LIFE systems have been used in professional sports for many years. In the past, sports associations and associations such as the football clubs AS Bari, Austria Wien and TSV 1860 Munich or the German Ski Association have in the past relied on VITA-LIFE Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation during training, in regeneration and as an accompanying measure for sports injuries Is taken.

Even in the individual competition, many professional athletes use the magnetic resonance stimulation to get to the world’s peak or to hold the peak positions.

Read some reports of application and experience from athletes, coaches and physiotherapists.

To the references from the sport

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