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The VITA-LIFE vSystem – Wellness in four dimensions

See and feel in this 2-minutes-video the VITA-LIFE vSystem and his four dimensions of wellbeeing.

Well-being in four dimensions

The VITA-LIFE vSystem is a completely new experience for body, mind, soul and senses. Four highly effective elements combine to produce immediately perceptible effects.

Wellness in four dimensions, well-being for all the senses.

  1. Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation
  2. Vibration
  3. Sound and Music
  4. Colored Light

VITA-LIFE vSystem VITA-LIFE vSystem operating panel VITA-LIFE vSystem


Vibration – micro massage

Cloud of sounds – Sound and Music

Simultations by coloured light

Fields of applications

The VITA-LIFE vSystem can be used for example to

Duration of one session: 16 minutes

Area of use

The icing on the cake for every SPA area

For the modern holiday guest an attractive wellness area has become the standard. In order to offer their customers a special highlight, AIDA Cruises or Falkensteiner Hotels rely on a wellness system of a special kind.

VITA-LIFE vSystems at AIDAblu, AIDAsol, AIDAmar VITA-LIFE vSystems at AIDAprima und AIDAperla

On board these ships of AIDA Cruises you can relax on VITA-LIFE vSystems:

Even in places where customer traffic prevails and whose waiting time is to be shortened pleasantly, the vSystem is best used.

Your experience

Simply lie back on the elegantly designed, ergonomic couch and select the programme you want.

Feel the gentle vibrations massage and relax your body.

Coloured light and relaxing sounds immerse you in a world where well-being is paramount.

In just a few minutes you’ll be transported far away from the noise and stress of everyday life.

You’ll feel how the coloured light, sound, vibration and magnetic field combine to create a relaxing and revitalising effect on body and mind.

Lounge including the VITA-LIFE vSystem and a stars sky bow

When you stand up again after a 16-minute session you’ll feel wonderfully relaxed and incredibly refreshed.
All your senses have just experienced total well-being.

It’s an experience that many people can no longer do without.
For them, using the VITA-LIFE vSystem has become a routine that helps them find calm and relaxation, deal with the stresses of everyday life and make a lasting difference to their health.

Technical data



Materials in standard version:

Special versionsavailable (colour) on request.



International Five Star Diamond Award 2008, 2009 und 2010

Awarded by the “The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences”
Beside hospitality, quality and service dominates the commitment creating something very special – be it a five-stars-resort on a lonely island or an extraordinary wellness experience…
The commitment to excellence and the passion for achieving the extraordinary unites all Five Star Award achievers from Hotel Kempinski to Donald Trump, from Lavazza to VITA-LIFE.

SENSES-Award 2009

Every year at the same time when also the ITB takes place, the SENSES Wellness Award for the best spa oasis of luxury hotels is awarded. The International Award has established itself over the past decade into an internationally recognized seal of quality for the wellness industry. So it happened that the gala performance 2009 at the historic Bear Hall of the Old Town House (seat of the minister of interior) in Berlin-Mitte celebrated its lavish party with about 700 hand-selected guests from around the world.

Wellness in four dimensions also in your company?

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