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KE Herbal Extracts - fermented herbal extract

Supporting health and wellbeing in the digestive system.

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Healthy digestion

A healthy digestive system is a guarantee for health, vitality and well-being. Why don’t you support it?

Because of rising environmental pollution, chemicals in our foods, as well as professional and personal related stress our body is weakened.

The consequences:

  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of drive
  • Fatigue or lack of concentration
  • Disorders of our digestive system

Again and again we are reminded that the gut is the root of human health. This determines on our well-being, vitality and health. It is the basis for a healthy body, well-being and a clear mind. If our digestive system is weakened, it has negative effects on our whole body. So it is not surprising that 80% of all diseases have their origin in the intestine.

Even an old folk wisdom says: "Death sits in the gut".

If gastro- and intestinal flora are disturbed in their operation, rotting substances can propagate in the gut. Take a look at our current way of (fast) life and our (fast) food. It is perfectly clear why it can cause severe digestive problems.

What happens when the amount of nutrients in our food is too low?

A lack of nutrients and minerals can impede the cell metabolism. A cell metabolism, which does not work properly, can have effects on the whole organism:

  • The intestinal flora can be harmed.
  • The immune system can be weakened.
  • Discomfort and intestinal problems might occur.
  • Fatigue, weakness and shiftlessness are further possible symptoms.
  • Psychological consequences like mood swings or even depression might occur.

Which factors are responsible for a lack of nutrients in our food?

Cell metabolism is a complex topic, but the principle is easy: the more nutrients the food you are eating contains, the more nutrients get to the cells where they boost your metabolism.

These eating habits can result in a shortage of nutrients:

  • Too much overacidificated food, i.e. food containing a lot of sugar and fat.
  • Too much alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.
  • Completed products and fast-food.
  • Too little water.
  • Eating too fast.

Why is a healthy intestinal flora so important for well-being?

Cell metabolism and digestion go hand in hand: When you provide your body with sufficient vitamins and nutrients, your cell metabolism is working well and the digestive tract is not overexerted.

A malfunctioning cell metabolism might affect the health of the intestinal flora, which describes the entirety of microorganisms in the gut.

Healthy Digestion Disturbed Digestion

The gut, as biggest organ in the body, has some very important functions:

  • It removes waste products
  • It is the headquarter of the immune system and produces antibodies
  • It regulates the water balance
  • It produces important hormones and messenger substances

A healthy gut is a prerequisite for a healthy organism – that’s our conviction.

How to achieve?

How does cell metabolism work?

In the process of cell metabolism, all substances, which are being absorbed and produced by the organism, are transformed into energy.

That means: When you are eating pasta with vegetable cream sauce, the organism breaks down its compounds into sugar, proteins and fat. During the transformative process, waste products are built and eliminated by the digestive tract. Abundant carbohydrates are saved as fat. Hormones, messenger substances and enzymes regulate all these processes.

Cell metabolism is the basis for all vital processes in the human body: A well-functioning cell metabolism can have positive effects on the activities and interactions of the organs. In short terms: It guarantees that everything runs smoothly.

What can I do to provide my body and cells with the right nutrients?

Good nutrition is the key to provide cells with the right nutrients. By following these rules, you are contributing to the health of the cells and the whole organism:

Do’s & dont’s

  • Eat foods which are rich in vitamins and nutrients

    Fresh fruits and vegetables with natural antioxidants provide a basic gut climate and can have positive effects on intestinal health.

  • Drink enough water

    High-quality water is essential for cell metabolism.

  • Avoid overacidification

    Foods containing a lot of sugars and fats, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine can impair the climate of your intestinal flora and lead to overweight and diseases.

  • Avoid eating hastily

    Do not overexert your intestines by chewing too little and eating too fast.

What can I do against digestive problems?

The right nutrition can play a vital role for your intestinal health. But it’s not only about nutrition.

There is a list of many other things you can do to enhance your well-being:

  • Avoid Stress

    Intestinal problems are often caused by a stressful lifestyle.

  • Exercise

    Sports boost your metabolism.

  • Sleep

    A lack of sleep weakens the immune system. 70-80% of the immune system can be found in the digestive tract. A week immune system might result in digestive problems.

And you can support your gut with valuable microorganisms.

Herbal extract

KE Herbal Extracts - the fermented (by lactic acid) herbal extract

KE Herbal Extracts is VITA-LIFE’s fermented (by lactic acied) herbal and 100% biologically extract. It’s golden and produced from more than 13 herbs in premium quality water and fermented with precious microorganisms.

No foreign substances such as bacteria, fungi yeasts or chemical substances are added. The ingredients complement each other in their subtle effect.

The essential characteristic of KE Herbal Extracts is the conversion of rotting into a phase of rotting in the surrounding milieu.

Through a combination of ingredients, the microbiology at the surface of herbs (Ektoflora) and the beneficial side effect of the low pH of KE Herbal Extracts, a form of rot can be worked largely escaping.

Three insights are responsible for the composition:
  1. High-quality water can have a positive impact on cell metabolism:

    Health is the result of the functional interaction between healthy cells – that’s our conviction. It is important to provide them with water so that they can function properly and discharge of waste products. But there are different kinds of water: Only high-quality, structured water makes the cell work the way it should. That’s the reason why the water in KE Herbal Extracts is vitalized and energized so that it is structured like natural spring water, which can be absorbed by the cells more easily and therefore boosts cell metabolism.

  2. “Ancient” knowledge" of herbs having healing powers:

    The positive health effects of many herbs are scientifically proven. KE Herbal Extracts contains the concentrated power of more than 13 herbs, which are extracted for the drink: In this way, the herbal energy can be potentiated.

  3. Microorganisms stimulate the digestion:

    Microorganisms and lactic acid bacteria can assist in detoxification by stabilizing the pH-value and turning an overacidificated intestinal climate basic again. That has a positive effect on intestinal health and well-being. Microorganisms promote the intake of nutrients and minerals. KE Herbal Extracts contains two species of lactobacilli: Lactobacillus farraginis and ramnosus. For this reason, the drink is often used during a diet or fasting period.

    The microorganisms are not added, but develop through the production process itself.

    Here, the stocking of microorganisms on plant surfaces (Epiphytenflora) is recovered and stabilized. Because of the multiple fermentation in the production other populations form endogenously from the microorganisms recovered from the plant surfaces. These mentioned conditions provide in compliance with the base that can form a very stable population of microorganisms in very high numbers in the herbal extract KE Herbal Extracts.

    For example, lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus farraginis, which are important for the intestinal flora and digestive tract and also and yeast strains.

Microorganisms in KE Herbal Extracts
21 x 10^6 colony-forming units per mililiter (CFU/ml)
Bacterial Strain:
Lactobacillus farraginis / faeni Lactobacillus rhamnosus

as per. AGROLAB test report 716201 von 05/2010 according to ISO 15214-1998-08-01 / DNA sequencing 16S-rDNA

In nature they meet important tasks in the area of the digestion and metabolism and also have other catalytic effects.

Thus KE Herbal Extracts is a valuable product. The ideal food supplement for every day. Ideal also as an aid for the construction and rehabilitation of the intestinal flora.

from Greek: "pro bios" = "for life"

Nutrition information per 100 Ml KE Herbal Extracts herbal extract
Calorific value 29 kJ / 7 kcal
Fat 0 g
Saturated fatty acid 0 g
Carbohydrates 1,72 g
Sugar 0 g
Proteins <0,1 g
Salt 0,01 g

The real significance of KE Herbal Extracts is the high amount of valuable microorganisms!

1 + 1 = 3?

KE Herbal Extracts is the result of the combination of ancient knowledge and modern technologies and can contribute to your health and well-being. The biological drink is practically packed in sachets for instant pleasure.

What KE Herbal Extracts can do for you

  • Supporting your digestive system
  • Helping to increase your well-being
  • Contributing a better intake of nutrients and minerals
  • Being a perfect companion for diets or feasting periods.

Meanwhile it is scientifically proven that a lot of diseases are directly or indirectly linked to the digestive tract. Healthy digestion is the prerequisite for well-being, vitality and health.

Natural Ingredients

KE Herbal Extracts contains more than 13 precious herbs. Herbs are used for medical purposes since hundreds of years. They can have a positive impact on well-being and health. The herbs in KE Herbal Extracts grow in untouched regions of the Alps where they live in symbiosis.

KE Herbal Extracts contains following herbs (among others):

  • Basil Basil
  • Stinging Nettle Leaves Stinging Nettle Leaves
  • Chinese Cress Chinese Cress
  • English Camomile English Camomile
  • Buckhorn Leaves Buckhorn Leaves
  • Marigld Marigld
  • Lovage Leaves Lovage Leaves
  • Marshmallow Marshmallow
  • Elder flowers Elder flowers
  • Lime blossoms Lime blossoms
  • Sage Leaves Sage Leaves
  • Thyme Thyme
  • Chinese Cress Dead-nettle Leaves

In combination with microorganisms, lactic acid bacteria and premium-quality water, the herbal mix can take its full effect.

Purely biological Austria Bio Garantie

The herbs grow on grounds, which are free from synthetic fertilizers, making the drink a purely biological product equipped with the Austria BIO Guarantee (ABG).

Perfect supplement

KE Herbal Extracts is the perfect supplement to magnetic resonance stimulation, VITA-LIFE AcquaPhi and VITA-LIFE Spin. All our products follow one goal: the health of the cell.

We are convinced:

Healthy cells make healthy humans.

KE Herbal Extracts can contribute by providing the cells with precious nutrients.
What our other products can do for your health:

  • R-System & V-System

    VITA-LIFE R-System and vSystem

    Our worldwide known and appreciated magnetic resonance stimulation systems aim at supporting cell metabolism and activating self-healing forces.

  • AcquaPhi

    VITA-LIFE AcquaPhi

    The water activator transforms ordinary water into high-quality water, which can be better absorbed by the cell.

  • Spin

    VITA-LIFE Spin

    The handy device, which is simply plugged into the wall, neutralizes electric smog and protects the cell from exterior influences.

KE Herbal Extracts is produced in a special procedure

The production process of KE Herbal Extracts takes a few weeks. It is produced according to the insights of the natural scientist Viktor Schauberger. The procedure consists of three steps:

  1. Blending: Ecological sugar cane molasses are blended into high-quality water and the herbal mix is added.
  2. Fermentation: In the three week long process of fermentation, sugar is transformed into lactic acid. The power of the herbs and the microorganisms they contain stay vivid. For comparison: When preparing tea, the boiling water is partly or completely devitalizing the precious microorganisms in the herbs.
  3. Packing: After three weeks the drink is ready to be packed and can be consumed instantly.

Find out how and where KE Herbal Extracts is produced and what it's made of, and also discover a "secret" behind KE Herbal Extracts.

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Simple to use

It is available in a 0,5 l bottle with pre-measured cap. A cap of 20 ml contains everything you need to contribute to your well-being on a daily basis. you have to mix 20 ml in a glass of high-quality water (not to cold!) to prepare the drink.

Ideally daily and in the morning before breakfast.

Buy KE Herbal Extracts

KE Herbal Extracts is available in 500 ml PET-Bottle with a dosing cap. Please choose between 1 bottle or the special offer with 5 bottles plus 1 for free.

  • 1 bottle of KE Herbal Extracts 1 bottle of KE Herbal Extracts
    € 29,90
  • 6 bottles of KE Herbal Extracts 6 bottles of KE Herbal Extracts
    € 149,50 (5+1 free!)

We recommend consuming KE Herbal Extracts on a daily basis as a supplement to your healthy nutrition.

All prices including country-specific VAT and delivery charges within EU. (Not available in Switzerland).
Actually we are delivering KE Herbal Extracts with minimum shelf life up to: August 2022

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