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Wondering how to protect your own health and those of your family from non-naturally external influences?

That's why we set ourselves the goal of protecting against electrosmog.

Vita-Life Spin

What effects can electric smog have?

It is a fact that electronic devices, mobile phones, power supply lines etc. are sending out electric signals. Another fact is that we are constantly exposed to these sources of electric smog. There is a debate about whether and how these signals affect our health. Although there is no obvious evidence about negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation, there is an increasing number of hints.

The absence of health effects could mean that there really are none; however, it could also signify that an existing effect is undetectable with present methods.

World Health Organisation (WHO): What are electromagnetic fields?

So, under certain conditions electric smog might affect our health

It might impair our cells, which as a result might influence several domains of the organism:

  • Hormones
  • Metabolism
  • Central Nervous System
  • Heart Rhythm
  • Chromosomes

According to research by “Umweltmedizin des Landes Salzburg” (cf. EHSLife 7+8 / 2003, p. 39-41) electric smog might interfere with the activities of the epiphysis cerebri in the brain. The epiphysis produces melatonin – the hormone responsible for regulation of the biological clock and the sleep-wake-rhythm.

An impaired activity of the epiphysis might result in sleeping disorders or psychological consequences like depression or difficulties in concentration. Diseases like cancer, immunodeficiency, diabetes and Parkinson might also be linked to electric smog.

Why should I protect my cells against electric smog?

Cells are the foundation of life.

We are made of trillions of these tiny units enabling us to walk, breathe, see and hear – in short terms: to live our lives.

That is why we need to care about the health of our cells. 85 % of the cell is made of water. By providing the cells with healthy, natural and structured water, we boost the metabolism. You can find further information on cells and water here.

Healthy cells make up vital humans.

Electric smog might influence our cells. As they communicate by using electric signals – just think of the electrical activity generated by the heart and the brain – it might be possible that electrical signals coming from the outside disturb the internal communication.

Artificial electrical fields might influence the natural fields. Disrupted cell communication might result in diseases.

Can I reduce the effects?

It cannot be denied that electric smog exists. We are permanently exposed to it. Also outdoors, we find sources of electric smog: power poles, cell phone towers, overhead lines. Indoors, there are several ways of keeping the exposure on a low level.

How does VITA LIFE protect against electric smog?

We support people by protecting them against exterior influences by providing maintenance-free solutions.

Electric Smog

  • What is this?

    Not only exhaust gases and waste pollute the environment –
    technical fields and radiation do so as well.

    The term “electric smog” is made up of the words “electric” referring to the sources of radiation (electric devices and lanes, devices, cell phone towers etc.), “smoke” and “fog”. It describes the environmental pollution caused by technical fields and radiation.

    Electric smog emanates from electric devices, lanes, transmitters, electrically loaded surfaces and magnetized minerals – it almost cannot be escaped.

    The topic is highly complex and touches several scientific fields like physics, biology, chemistry, geology and mathematics. Serious research must include all these fields.

  • Types

    1. Alternating Current Fields

      Wired walls, jacks, electrical installations, distribution boards, cables, unshielded lights etc. are sources of alternating electrical fields.

      These fields are also there when the power is down and when the devices are switched off.

      The frequency ranges from 0 Hz to approximately 30 kHz.

    2. Alternating Magnetic Fields

      They are produced when an alternating current is flowing. Sources of alternating magnetic fields are electronic installations, lanes, devices, transformers, machines, engines etc. that are in action.

      Walls do not block them, so the rays of the television will reach you even if you are situated in the next room.

      The frequency ranges from 0 Hz to approximately 30 kHz.

    3. Electromagnetic Radiation

      Electromagnetic waves show a higher radiation in frequencies ranging from 30 kHZ up to 300 GHz.

      They are wirelessly transferred and occur in radio- and TV-stations, cellular networks, alarm systems, mobile phones, WLAN, microwave ovens etc.

    4. Direct Current Fields (Electrostatics)

      They occur when synthetic surfaces or fibres become charged. In case of contact the tension might unload and you get a little electrical shock.

      The thunderbolt is the most powerful example of an unloading like this.

    5. Direct Magnetic Fields (Magnetostatics)

      Just like alternating current fields cause alternating magnetic fields, direct current fields cause direct magnetic fields.

      They arise from magnetized metals like steel, but also the Earth has a natural magnetic field. Artificial magnetic fields distort this natural field, which might result in biological effects.

  • Is it measurable?

    Is electric smog perceptible?

    Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is the ability to perceive electric smog. In the last few years a lot of research has been made in relation to this phenomenon.

    A study on behalf of the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has revealed that 7 % of the interviewed persons feel “rather” and 2 % feel “sorely afflicted” by electromagnetic fields (BMU-2007-701).

    This result is hardly surprising as we are more and more exposed to sources of electric smog.

    Is electric smog measurable?

    Yes, electromagnetic radiation can be measured.

    You can measure it by yourself with an appropriate meter or have it measured and evaluated by a certified metrologist.

    I am interested in this topic. Where can I find further information?

    Electric smog is a highly complex and much-discussed issue.

    Here you can find further literature, publications and sources:

VITA-LIFE Spin protects the organism by harmonizing electric smog

Contrary to devices and facilities which fend off electromagnetic rays, VITA-LIFE Spin prevents your cells from being attacked by electric smog. It "overrides" electric smog so that it cannot do harm to the cells. The radiation of electric devices which are plugged into the wall – at home or in the office – ceases to impact the organism – in one fell swoop.

Vita-Life Spin

But how does VITA-LIFE Spin work?

VITA-LIFE Spin contains a mixture of minerals and precious metals “MIXOS” oscillating within the same frequency range as the human cell. In this case, the electromagnetic rays might cause damage to the cell by disturbing cell communication and metabolism. The MIXOS contained within Spin interfere and harmonize the harmful radiation caused by electric smog.

You do not have to shield every single source of electric smog or watch out for shielded cables and wires. The system of wires works as an “antenna” for VITA-LIFE Spin, which – under these circumstances – can easily and immediately unfold its harmonizing effects. VITA-LIFE Spin is not an electrical device: It is plugged into the outlet so that it can use the system of wires to unfold its effects. It works from the moment it is plugged.


The latest generation of VITA-LIFE SPIN contains 2 different mixtures of minerals and precious metals, which are balanced for two different frequency bandwidths.

The Spectrum

  • AC

    Alternating current for houshold electric devices (lamps, TVs, refridges...): 50-60 Hz

  • Mobile Phones
    Mobile Phones

    800 Mhz - 2.6 GHz

    • LTE1: 800 MHz
    • GSM1: 900 MHz
    • GSM2: 1.8 GHz
    • UMTS: 2.1 GHz
    • LTE2: 2.6 GHz
  • WLAN

    2,4 GHz and 5 GHz

  1. DC
  2. 1Hz
  3. 1Khz
  4. 100Khz
  5. 1Mhz
  6. 100Mhz
  7. 1Ghz
  8. 100Ghz
  9. 300Ghz
Frequency from 0 Hz to 100 GHz
Frequency from 0 Hz to 100 GHz
ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) 0 - 300 Hz
RF (Radio Frequency) 100 kHz - 300 GHz

Therefore the harmonizing effect of the latest generation VITA-LIFE SPIN covers electric smog, caused by electric wires and electric devices (ELF) in the household and also radiation, emitted by mobile phones and WLAN and WiFi devices (RF).


VITA-LIFE Spin can have positive effects on your health and wellbeing:

VITA-LIFE SPIN is also perfect for the office.

Especially offices can benefit from the positive effects of VITA-LIFE Spin, as there are usually many more devices in place compared to your home: monitors, notebooks, cell phones, cables under the desks, headsets, computers, desk lights, etc.

Research by "Umweltmedizin Salzburg" (cf. EHSLife 7+8 / 2003, p. 39-41) has shown that staff in offices with a high level of electric smog often complains about symptoms like headaches, irritability or concentration disorders. In such offices, also the sickness-absence-rate is raised. All this might have an effect on the office atmosphere. With VITA-LIFE Spin you can control the negative effects of all these sources of electric smog.

Important note

For legal reasons we point out that the effects of VITA-LIFE SPIN are not 100 % scientifically proven. This is the case with the majority of methods in alternative or natural medicine (e.g. homeopathy) and so it is for VITA-LIFE SPIN. Our clients are aware of the fact that VITA-LIFE SPIN is a product outside the framework of conventional science. We also point out that VITA-LIFE SPIN is not offered to diagnose, heal or prevent diseases.


What are the "active" ingredients inside of SPIN?

SPIN contains specific mixtures of certain minerals and precious metals. It´s called „Mixos“. Those elements have piezoelectric effects and are able to counteract to the physical phenomena (energy, vibration and signal form) which are disturbing or changing biological processes. Based on the mixing ratio of the Mixos it´s coordinated to a frequency range, where it has an effect within. The Mixos is coated on copper plates, mounted on the circuit within SPIN.

Where can I buy VITA-LIFE Spin?

You can purchase VITA-LIFE Spin from our distribution partners.
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