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Do you also believe that our cells are the foundation of our lives?

This is why we support the stimulation and improvement of cell metabolism by the

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Healthy cells mean healthy humans – that’s our starting ground.

The human body is basically the sum of trillions of cells regulating all bodily functions. Cells are everywhere: in blood, heart, muscles, brain, nerves, skin. Every breath, movement and impulse in the body depends on the functioning of cells. The cell metabolism is a complex process, which can be supported – by magnetic resonance stimulation.

How does a dysfunctional cell metabolism show?

  • A dysfunctional cell metabolism
    disturbs the bodily functions
  • The cell is no longer capable of
    disposing waste products
  • You start to feel tired,
    weak and powerless
  • Your body starts to
    develop diseases

Which effects can a well functioning cell metabolism have on the organism?

  • A well functioning cell metabolism can have positive effects on body and soul
  • You feel vital and fit
  • Your well being is enhanced
  • You can maintain your health more effortlessly
  • You can regenerate faster
  • You are full of energy

Magnetic resonance stimulation
How VITA‐LIFE helps to boost cell metabolism

The VITA‐LIFE magnetic resonance stimulation arose from the ancient magnetic field therapy. Contrary to "magnetic field therapy" where mostly static magnets with high magnetic strength have been used, the magnetic resonance stimulation utilizes pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF). VITA‐LIFE uses such magnetic impulses of low energy and low magnetic strength applied based on a special signal form with optimized signal sequences.

Instead of focussing on achieving a specific therapeutic effect, the VITA‐LIFE magnetic resonance stimulation provides the organism with the power it needs to help itself. It stimulates and activates the human self‐healing capacities.

Magnetic resonance stimulation acts on and within the smallest unit of the human body: the cell.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Exhausted cell
Poor blood circulation
Vital cell
Good blood circulation

We are convinced: Healthy cells make up vital humans. Magnetic resonance stimulation supports cell regeneration by helping to better absorption of nutriments and oxygen. Equally, the withdrawal of waste materials is ensured in an efficient manner. The body is stimulated by a magnetic field, that resembles the natural earth magnetic field. This magnetic field can affect the cell, as it vibrates within the same frequency range as the cell itself.

Magnetic resonance stimulation can:

  • Stimulate the whole body by resonance effects on the cells
  • Activate self‐healing forces
  • Improve blood circulation and oxygen supply
  • Boost metabolism and immune system
  • Have positive effects on the nervous system by alleviating pain

In laymen terms it could be stated that magnetic resonance stimulation charges your body just like a battery charger charges batteries. Wouldn’t it be interesting, to actually have access to such a device for your body?

MRT "classic" Set

The basic model among MRT devices is the classic set. The device has been specially developed for a complementary application and allows a wide range of possible applications.

MRT "classic" is particularly easy to use. It controls itself, taking into account the biorhythm (morning, noon, evening and night)programme-adjustable. Through the various setting options such as application time and intensity (strength of the pulsating magnetic field), MRT "classic" offers effective and individual application possibilities.

With the "sensitive" intensity level MRT "classic" also meets the specific needs of sensitive people.

Included in shipment:

  • Control unit MRT "classic”
  • Mat applicator
  • Pad applicator
  • Mental goggles (optional)
MRT Classic Set

MRT "professional" Set

MRT "professional" has additional functions for professional use by doctors and therapists, as well as for specific indications.

Whether stationary or mobile, the device can be used for home use for health prevention but also in professional sports as well as in therapeutic practice. While users at home will appreciate the full beneficial effect of the mat applicator, in therapeutic practice, individual parts of the body can be treated with the probe applicator, using sometimes the higher magnetic field strength.

A further component of the MRT "professional" are the mental glasses, which provide relaxation and stress reduction through optical signals. This harmonisation of body and mind creates optimal conditions for the physiological effects of magnetic fields and supports the development of self-regulating forces at the mental level.

Included in shipment:

  • Control unit MRT "professional"
  • Mat applicator
  • Pad applicator
  • Probe applicator
  • Mental goggles
MRT Professional Set

MRT - Application and Utilisation it's so simple...


  • The technology of the MRT systems is based on almost 20 years of research and development work in cooperation with renowned research institutions
  • The MRT classic, MRT professional and MRT relax offer "tailor-made" product solutions for all target groups
  • All MRT systems are characterised by deliberately low magnetic field intensity, "body-friendly" frequency bundles and activating pulse patterns

Customer Benefit

  • Over 25 years of experience and acquired knowledge with humans and animals
  • Over 160,000 systems sold
  • Top price-performance ratio
  • Quality "made in Germany"
  • 3 years warranty
  • Easy and comfortable operation
  • Use by the entire family


  • The application is as EASY as can be. You select an applicator, press START... and relax!
  • Full body application with mat applicator or chaise longue.
  • Local application with pad or probe applicator.
  • Mental goggles with optical signals as an ideal complement to the MRT system
  • Duration: approx. 1 - 2 times a day for 8 - 16 - 24 minutes each time

How the MRT "Classic" arrives at your home

The complete set consists of following components:

  • Control unit, and power supply

    Control unit, and power supply

    The control unit produces the magnetic field impulses. It’s simple to use.

    Download: Technical data of the MRT “classic” control unit

    The control unit produces the magnetic field impulses. It’s simple to use. If you decide to use the mat applicator, the corresponding programme is selected according to the time of day and displayed on the programme display: - 05:00 - 10:00 (morning) - 10:00 - 15:00 (midday) - 15:00 - 20:00 (afternoon and early evening) - 20:00 - 05:00 (late evening and night) You can select the desired magnetic field intensity using the +/- keys on the intensity selection. This can be set in the levels "sensitive", 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200. The plug-in power supply unit supplies the control unit with power.

  • Body applicator "magnetic field mat"

    Body applicator "magnetic field mat"

    For the default use on the whole body, this applicator is provided.

    You just lie down, relax and enjoy the application.

  • Local applicator "pad"

    Local applicator "pad"

    Ideal for use on small areas such as the neck, back or knee.

  • Mental goggles (optional)

    Mental goggles (optional)

    Through optical signals, the mental goggles ensure relaxation and stress reduction. This harmonisation of body and mind creates the optimal conditions for the physiological effects of the magnetic fields and supports the development of self-regulatory powers on a mental level.

How the MRT "Professional" arrives at your home

The complete set consists of following components:

  • Control unit, and power supply

    Control unit, and power supply

    The control unit produces the magnetic field impulses. It’s simple to use.

    Download: Technical data of the MRT “professional” control unit

    If you decide to use the mat applicator, the corresponding programme is selected according to the time of day and displayed on the programme display: - 05:00 - 10:00 (morning) - 10:00 - 15:00 (midday) - 15:00 - 20:00 (afternoon and early evening) - 20:00 - 05:00 (late evening and night) You can select the desired magnetic field intensity using the +/- keys on the intensity selection. This can be set in the levels "sensitive", 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 400. The plug-in power supply unit supplies the control unit with power.

  • Body applicator "magnetic field mat"

    Body applicator "magnetic field mat"

    For the default use on the whole body, this applicator is provided.

    You just lie down, relax and enjoy the application.

  • Local applicator "pad"

    Local applicator "pad"

    Ideal for use on small areas such as the neck, back or knee.

  • Local applicator "probe"

    Local applicator "probe"

    The probe applicator can only be connected to the MRT "professional" set. Specific body points, e.g. meridian points or small body parts, can be treated by manual application. The application on meridian points must only be carried out by the therapist.

    The application time in this case is 30 to 60 seconds. The application to "treat" smaller parts of the body is carried out for the standard duration of 8 minutes. The tip is selected for this purpose. A corresponding local application programme is set automatically. With regard to the intensity setting for local applications, higher settings may be useful. Without accompanying medical recommendations, lower values should be selected towards the head area (e.g. shoulder = 25 - 50; back = 50 - 100; buttocks = 100 - 150; thighs = 150 - 200; legs and feet = 200 - 400). The rod should not be used to treat the head without medical consultation!

  • Mental goggles (optional)

    Mental goggles (optional)

    Through optical signals, the mental goggles ensure relaxation and stress reduction. This harmonisation of body and mind creates the optimal conditions for the physiological effects of the magnetic fields and supports the development of self-regulatory powers on a mental level.

MRT "classic" and "professional" as well as "relax" can be used in many ways

The positive effect of magnetic resonance stimulation on the organism has now been scientifically proven. Numerous studies and field reports report the following effects:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved oxygen supply
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Pain relief and faster
    recovery from injuries

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MRT-System has a number of prominent fans

Among others, the following celebrities swear by the VITA-LIFE Systems:

  • Shirley Bassey
    Shirley Bassey
  • Fürst Albert von Monaco
    Fürst Albert von Monaco
  • Til Schweiger
    Til Schweiger
  • Hansi Hinterseer
    Hansi Hinterseer
  • Lena Valaitis
    Lena Valaitis

How do customers experience
their VITA-LIFE Systems?

  • All-round protection

    For about 10 years I (41) use my magnetic mat daily, in the morning before getting up and at night before going to sleep. From my 18 years I had severe wrist pain, so that I could move his hands only in a small angle, particularly for increased work (I now have 4 children) it hurt a lot. At a handrail support on the hands was not to think. This pain is gone, since I use the magnetic field mat.

    Chapped fingers in the winter I do not know since then. And even after a night of sleep I have no withdrawal symptoms (hot-cold, binge eating) more. The magnetic field gives me a lot of energy, so I need less sleep to be fit.

  • Sleep aid

    My wife and I use the magnetic field mat for about 6 weeks, usually only in the evening. For my wife, it is an ideal sleeping aid and the mat has significantly reduced their back pain. They used each evening at full level for about 50 minutes.

    I have to deal much more economical with the field strength, because otherwise I get a beep in the ear (tinnitus?), which can last longer. A strong Psoriasis on the scalp seems to be slow due to less of the mat.

  • Regeneration

    We use in the family, the magnetic field mat for years, with very good success. Because I ́m still doing a lot of sports, I can shorten the my regeneration with the mat. My wife had very good results with the mat after a herniated disc and did not have to be operated on.

    My son came down with severe burns on his face and with him we also had rapid success in healing supporting with the mat. I highly recommend this mat just any friend.

  • Prolapsed disk

    Patient W., male, 59 years old. Diagnosis: Prolapsed disk, surgery 1993/94. Pain in the lower lumbar spine area with lumboischialgia on the left. Orthopedic treatment (therapeutic injections) did not yield any improvement.

    Results of magnetic field therapy: “After 5 days there was a slight improvement. Two weeks later, I experienced intense pain when using the mat. One week later, the pain stopped. Since the middle of december, I have been free of pain and I have continued to use the mat 3 times a day.”

  • Cervical syndrom

    Patient M.L., male, 49 years old. Diagnosis: Cervical syndrom for three years with radiating pain into the right arm (especially at night), feeling of numbness in the fingers, loss of strength. X-ray showed severe wear phenomena in the cervical spine area.

    Results of magnetic resonance: Improvement after six weeks; patient can sleep at night again undisturbed, the pain and numbness have disappeared. “I have energy again and can return to work.”

  • Hip endoprothesis

    Patient A.U., femail, 83 years old. Diagnosis: Hip endoprothesis: “After my surgery I had more symptoms than before. I could not sleep from the pain. My doctor told me that the prothesis might not be sitting properly and might have loosened. A second surgery would have had little prospects for success.”

    Results of magnetic resonance: “For nine months I have been using the system and my pain became much less after the first 6-8 weeks. When I went for a follow-up examination the prothesis sits securely in the bone and I can move without assistance and almost without any pain.”

  • Pain

    Patient M.L., female, 40 years old. Diagnosis: For several years I had pain in the joints of my fingers, especially in the morning, and sciatic pain after certain jobs.

    Results of magnetic resonance: “The pain in my joints disappeared after two weeks of treatments. I am treating acut sciatic pain successfully using the small mat.”

  • Service

    Until now I have had very good experiences with both the VITA-LIFE system as well as with my consultant. My questions about the device and the various treatment options were answered competently. Shipping, delivery and packaging have corresponded absolutely to my wishes.

    Specifically, the delivery was very fast and the condition of the product or consignment was absolutely flawless. Overall, I can therefore confirm that I am absolutely satisfied so far.



General information about vita-life® MRT systems

MRT systems are the first development based on more than 25 years of research conducted by various institutions and under the direction of Mr. Cotiaux. This is why vita-life® MRT is one of the most successful magnetic field therapy devices in Europe and can boast more than 100,000 enthusiastic customers. The features it contains are based on biophysical considerations, which have now been 100% confirmed in application. Other devices have adopted parts of magnetic resonance therapy, neglecting important device parameters such as intensity, frequency, pulse shape and coil shape even in the original successful devices.

Are there any reasons why I cannot use MRT 'classic' or 'professional' devices?

Since MRT “classic” and “professional” devices use pulsating electromagnetic fields, there are so- called “absolute contraindications” where MRT may not be used at all and “relative” contraindications where MRT may only be used under medical supervision.

Contraindications" can be found here.

I have a medical condition. Can the vita-life® system help me and which programs can I use?

For legal reasons, we are not authorized to give specific, individual recommendations for use in the case of medical indications. Such “therapeutic recommendations” are the responsibility of doctors and health care professionals. Please consult a doctor or specialist of your choice.

Magnetic resonance stimulation can be used if there are no contraindications. You can view/download the contraindications here.

It is important to understand pulsed magnetic resonance stimulation. It must be understood as a support for the body to activate the body’s self-healing powers or to restore the normal state of cellular metabolism. This can lead to the many and varied positive effects of the application.

Even though the various programs have different application parameters, it is not possible to recommend a specific program “to treat” a specific indication with 100% accuracy. The best application is the one that is done at all.

It is also important to understand that “a lot” (intensity = magnetic flux density) does not always automatically help “a lot”. For supportive use after bone fractures, the high intensities have proven themselves. (max. 400% = 400 micro-tesla).

For many other applications, the low intensities between “sens” (= 5% = 5 micro-tesla) and 50% = 50 micro-tesla (approximately earth’s magnetic field strength) have usually proven themselves.

Can I feel anything during the application?

The people who report sensations during the application feel a slight tingling (due to the stimulation of nerve cells) or an increasing feeling of warmth (due to the improvement of blood circulation).

Since humans do not have a sense of sensing magnetic fields, only effects can be felt. There is no correlation in effectiveness between feeling effects and not feeling them.

Can I use the MRT system while dressed?

Yes. There is no need to remove your clothes before use.

Electromagnetic fields penetrate the clothing as well as the body. However, we recommend that you remove constricting clothing to achieve a comfortable state of relaxation.

However, as electromagnetic fields can have an influence on magnetizable materials, we recommend removing bank cards, RFID chip cards, mobile phones, etc. from trouser pockets, etc. and storing them away from the magnetic field applicators before use.

Can I place the full body applicator (the "mat") on the ("box springs") bed or on a couch?

There are two factors to consider when placing on a bed or couch:

1. deflection / distortion of the magnetic field.

2. hardness / flexibility of the base of the whole body applicator.

Materials like iron can deflect or distort magnetic fields. If, for example, the full-body applicator were to be placed under a mattress with iron (pocket) springs, the magnetic field emitted by the applicator would be deflected / distorted, which could affect the success of the application.

Thus, at least between the full-body applicator and your own body, there should be no layer that has metals with magnetic properties.

The support for the full -body applicator must not be too soft in order to avoid permanent rippling of the surface and damage to the coil winding inside. A gymnastics mat or a hard mattress are just as suitable as a floor, a massage or relaxation couch.

If an iron-free mattress and slatted frame is used on the bed, the full-body applicator can be installed on one level under the slatted frame and mattress, for example.

Since box-spring beds usually use iron pocket spring cores, it is not advisable to use them in such a bed.

Theoretically, it would be possible to place it under the top layer (“topper”), but the argument against this is that the mattress underneath is too soft and flexible, which can lead to damage to the full -body applicator.

I have a pacemaker or similar electronic implant. Can I use magnetic resonance stimulation?

Such an electronic implant is an absolute contraindication and its use is generally not permitted. (Interference and thus disturbances could occur.) You can find the “Contraindications” here.

In 2006, a study was conducted at ARC Seibersdorf / MedUni Vienna (Cardiology) using the at that time current VITA-LIFE MRS2000+.

Title: Interference of programmed electromagnetic stimulation with pacemakers and automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators.

Authors: Gwechenberger M., Rauscha F., Stix G., Schmid G., Strametz-Juranek J.

Published in: Bioelectromagnetics; 2006 Jul; 27(5)365-77

Please inform your attending physician or medical practitioner about this study. Only he/she can and may decide whether you may use magnetic resonance stimulation with your electronic implant, knowing the model used on you (“device passport”) and the result of the study.

The application is not permitted without consultation with your attending physician or medical practitioner!

I have metal implants in my body. Can I still use the vita-life® system?

The magnetic field pulses used in the vita-life® MRT are of low " intensity". The magnetic flux densities of the pulse peaks are between 5µT (micro-Tesla) and 200µT or 400µT. (See also question “Magnetic field strengths”).

For comparison: The average " intensity " of the earth’s magnetic field in Europe is currently approx. 50 µT (micro Tesla). Magnetic resonance tomographs achieve approx. 9 (!) Tesla.

The frequencies of the magnetic field pulses are in the low frequency range (0-20,000 Hz. incl. harmonics.).

For these two reasons, the application is also harmless with metallic implants, as only very low currents are induced and there is virtually no thermal or magnetic effect on the implants.

Electronic implants such as pacemakers are generally a contraindication and should be discussed with a doctor before use.


Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) have the advantage of being able to be switched on and off at will. In an eleven-year study of the University of Bologna on more than 3000 patients, it was found that interrupted stimulation is more effective than continuous stimulation. This property is implemented in the MRT “classic” and “professional” by alternating between the north and south poles for 2 minutes. Thus, PEMF are an important prerequisite for the effect of magnetic field therapy.

What does “resonance” mean in magnetic field therapy?

“In the case of pulsating magnetic fields, the phenomenon of resonance plays an important role. At a certain pulse frequency, the body and its cells resonate, whereas other frequencies leave the organism ‘cold’. A cell only responds to vibrations of the frequency that comes closest to its natural frequency (‘frequency window’).

How important are the intensity and field strength of the magnetic field?

For home use, magnetic fields with low intensities of approximately the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field (0.5 Gauss or less) are used.

Earth’s magnetic field (0.5 Gauss) or less. However, this does not influence the quality of the energetic information that the body receives, because the level of the field intensity is not the only decisive factor for its efficiency.

Contrary to earlier assumptions that the magnetic field intensity must correspond to at least 1,000 μT = 1 mT in order to produce an effect, studies have shown that intensities the level of the earth’s magnetic field or even in the nT range, often produce a much better result.

The reason is the so-called “stochastic resonance”, i.e. by means of lowest magnetic field intensities magnetic field intensities, new frequencies can arise in the organism, some of which – by chance – are coincidentally – correspond to the body’s own resonance frequencies.

Important information on the topic of "frequencies”

The sawtooth pulse forms the optimal starting point for shaping a multifunctional frequency band. In a basic sawtooth pulse, therefore, not only one frequency comes into play, but a multitude of frequencies. If one considers the sawtooth as the basic signal in the MRS, a basic frequency of 200 Hz (or depending on the program: 64 Hz) can be assigned to it, for example.

This basic frequency was deliberately chosen because resonance effects have been demonstrated in this segment even with medium capillary size. All programs of the full -body applicator essentially contain a similar frequency spectrum, but characteristically differ in the large pauses between the individual pulse palettes (= stringing together of pulse packages). This pause interval determines the so-called carrier frequency, which defines the programs. Pulse packages are pulse bundles strung together. The pulse bundle in turn consists of the stringing together of 5 basic pulses (sawtooth elements). If the pulse duration of a sawtooth is e.g.: 5 ms, this represents the pulse frequency of approx. 200 Hz. If, for example, these 5 pulses are strung together one after the other, the duration of the pulse bundle is 25 ms and thus the frequency is 40 Hz. If such pulse bundles are combined with a pause interval to form a pulse package, new frequencies are created. If these pulse packages are then strung together to form pulse palettes, units with new frequencies are created again.

Pulse palettes combined with corresponding pause intervals result in new frequencies. If the pulse palettes are clocked with pause intervals, this results in the carrier frequency.

This carrier frequency is then the difference between the individual programs.

The carrier frequencies for the whole-body applicator range between 0.5 – 16 Hz, the entire frequency band including harmonics ranges from 0.5 – 999 Hz. The vita-life® MRT systems therefore have a very intensive bandwidth of the most varied frequencies between 0.1 – 200 Hz, which are multiplied by means of effective harmonics to several 100 to 1,000 further frequencies.

At what frequency does the earth's magnetic field pulsate?

The earth’s magnetic field pulsates at an average frequency of 7.5 hertz.

What direct effects can be achieved through increased O2 delivery?

“Direct effects of increased O 2 release”

By optimising the respiratory function of the blood and improving the oxygen supply to tissues and cells, various processes in the organism are positively influenced:

– Acceleration of biochemical reactions

– Improved pharmacological effect

– Increase the water content of the tissues

– Change in the state of aggregation of various bodily substances

– Increase transport capacity of the membrane

– Reduction of muscle hypertonus

– Increase in conduction velocity in the nerve fibres"

Which frequencies are used in the vita-life® MRT systems?

However, one of the important instruments for frequency multiplication is stochastic resonance. For this reason, the MRT has incorporated stochastic resonance as a main device feature with a bandwidth of 90 nT – 70 μT. This results – in contrast to other This results – in opposition to other systems – in a fourfold higher yield of effective resonance possibilities. The MTR estimate that the frequency range extends to 0.1 . 10,000 Hz thus corresponds to the lower end of a probably much higher frequency yield (“an estimated 30 – 40,000 new frequencies per pulse”). This has a special significance because there are obviously receptors on the cells that pick up and transmit the tuned frequencies. With the increase in the number of frequencies, the probability of a resonance frequency also increases. The stochastic resonance circuit seems to be unknown in other systems – despite the sensitive button.

Which programs provide optimal support for the organism through the vita-life® MRT systems?

Diurnal attenuations of the Schumann waves correlate very strongly with the death rate, heart attack, thrombosis, accident rates, etc. This was solved by controlling the diurnal program in the MRT, which induces Schumann waves of constant frequency. At the same time there are four Program s, called Activation (Program I), Performance (Program II), Relaxation (Program III) and Regeneration (Program IV).

Performance (Program II), Relaxation (Program III) and Regeneration (Program IV).

Basic Program for the treatment of organs and systems. In this way, for example, a user can – if he or she wants to carry out a treatment in the evening hours, which should not be stimulating too much – treat back, headache or arthritis at the same time.

Is there a difference between the mode of action of the local applicator (pillow) and the mat?

The local applicator of the MRT was deliberately equipped with higher intensities, because the the study situation in this intensity range provides very good results in the treatment of bone treatment.

What is the philosophy behind the 3 pairs of coils in the full body applicator versus equiefield applicator?

Other systems have simple spiral coils which are designed to develop a “homogeneous” magnetic field.

Unfortunately, it is forgotten that the mechanism of action of the magnetic field is to induce an electric field in the body. Measurements at the Karlsruhe research centre have shown that every homogeneous magnetic field induces an inhomogeneous electric field (“steep rise at the edge / no electric field in the middle”). For this reason vita-life® MRT uses spiral-shaped coils which produce a homogeneous magnetic field through an inhomogeneous electric field.

Is there scientific evidence for the effectiveness of magnetic resonance stimulation?

Anyone who has tried magnetic resonance simulation knows what it can do. For some years now, the effect has also been proven – there are a large number of studies on the subject.

On PubMed you can currently find more than 1000 studies on the topic.

Important note: In magnetic resonance stimulation (MRS), low magnetic field intensities are coupled with special frequency bands to achieve a high biological effectiveness.. As with magnetic field therapy, which basically uses static or pulsed magnetic fields for the treatment of diseases or disorders, MRS is a naturopathic procedure whose effectiveness is not yet fully and generally recognised in science. All statements that refer to effects on the body and areas of application therefore do not correspond to the “predominantly scientific state of knowledge”. Rather, they refer to results and experiences that have been made in treatment and application in the past years, as well as to a large number of studies that have been produced in the past years. A possible search source for relevant studies is PubMed, for example.

Is its use for bone fractures also recognised in orthodox medicine?

In the case of bone fractures with poor healing, magnetic fields and treatment using PEMFs (pulsating electromagnetic fields) are recognised by orthodox medicine, and magnetic field therapy can accelerate the healing process.

Conclusion of the study "Magnetic field therapy for osteoporosis

“The application of magnetic field therapy three times a week in patients suffering from osteoporosis leads to positive changes in bone density, biochemical markers, health-related quality of life and impairment of daily activities. Furthermore, the quality of life as well as an improvement in function and well-being could be achieved through pain relief. Magnetic field therapy can contribute to an improvement in addition to other applied therapy measures. It is a promising instrument in osteoporosis therapy.

Influence of low and higher intensities on melatonin production

In the evening before going to bed, the intensity to be used should be 10-50% of the earth’s magnetic field if the aim is to promote sleep. Shift or night workers or people who want to stay up late at night can help themselves with intensities greater than 100% of the earth’s magnetic field.

Definition of the rouleau formation

“Moreover, if the blood flows too slowly, the erythrocytes can no longer move freely, they clump together and are pressed together like – the consequence is the so-called ‘rouleau formation’.

What is the difference between the vita-life® systems and the system from ... ?

As a rule, we do not answer questions about “differences” between PEMF systems of market participants and vita-life® , since the differences are of different relevance for each person and there is no “better” or “worse” per se. (PEMF = Pulsating ElectroMagnetic Fields)

A competitor’s system is of course not “exactly the same” as a VITA-LIFE system. In most cases, other signal shapes and additional equipment are used.

Some manufacturers / sellers will also claim to offer “the best, the latest, the only effective system”. We refrain from doing so!

More than 25 years of vita-life® and over 160,000 customers throughout Europe speak for the VITA-LIFE systems. Perhaps the purchase price is another argument?

Why are light glasses so important, especially in times like these?

The Mindmachine of the MRT expands the magnetic field application by the effects of the known brainmachines according to Monroe. It is well known that mindmachines can influence brainwave brainwave formation. Since brain waves form our consciousness, there is an influence on learning and concentration behaviour as well as regeneration, so that the application possibilities go far beyond a normal magnetic field application.

What role can magnetic resonance stimulation play in medicine?

Magnetic resonance stimulation has proven itself both in the treatment of pain and illnesses as well as in preventive care.

Whether chronic pain, stress disorders, orthopedic, dental or gynecological problems – magnetic resonance stimulation is versatile and has proven to be effective.

It supports the healing process, also after operations, and is increasingly used in preventive care and as a supplement to conservative therapies.

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