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Do you also believe that our cells are the foundation of our lives?

This is why we support the stimulation and improvement of cell metabolism by the

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Healthy cells mean healthy humans – that’s our starting ground.

The human body is basically the sum of trillions of cells regulating all bodily functions. Cells are everywhere: in blood, heart, muscles, brain, nerves, skin. Every breath, movement and impulse in the body depends on the functioning of cells. The cell metabolism is a complex process, which can be supported – by magnetic resonance stimulation.

How does a dysfunctional cell metabolism show?

  • A dysfunctional cell metabolism
    disturbs the bodily functions
  • The cell is no longer capable of
    disposing waste products
  • You start to feel tired,
    weak and powerless
  • Your body starts to
    develop diseases

Which effects can a well functioning cell metabolism have on the organism?

  • A well functioning cell metabolism can have positive effects on body and soul
  • You feel vital and fit
  • Your well being is enhanced
  • You can maintain your health more effortlessly
  • You can regenerate faster
  • You are full of energy

Magnetic resonance stimulation
How VITA‐LIFE helps to boost cell metabolism

The VITA‐LIFE magnetic resonance stimulation arose from the ancient magnetic field therapy. Contrary to "magnetic field therapy" where mostly static magnets with high magnetic strength have been used, the magnetic resonance stimulation utilizes pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF). VITA‐LIFE uses such magnetic impulses of low energy and low magnetic strength applied based on a special signal form with optimized signal sequences.

Instead of focussing on achieving a specific therapeutic effect, the VITA‐LIFE magnetic resonance stimulation provides the organism with the power it needs to help itself. It stimulates and activates the human self‐healing capacities.

Magnetic resonance stimulation acts on and within the smallest unit of the human body: the cell.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Exhausted cell
Poor blood circulation
Vital cell
Good blood circulation

We are convinced: Healthy cells make up vital humans. Magnetic resonance stimulation supports cell regeneration by helping to better absorption of nutriments and oxygen. Equally, the withdrawal of waste materials is ensured in an efficient manner. The body is stimulated by a magnetic field, that resembles the natural earth magnetic field. This magnetic field can affect the cell, as it vibrates within the same frequency range as the cell itself.

Magnetic resonance stimulation can:

  • Stimulate the whole body by resonance effects on the cells
  • Activate self‐healing forces
  • Improve blood circulation and oxygen supply
  • Boost metabolism and immune system
  • Have positive effects on the nervous system by alleviating pain

In laymen terms it could be stated that magnetic resonance stimulation charges your body just like a battery charger charges batteries. Wouldn’t it be interesting, to actually have access to such a device for your body?

What VITA‐LIFE offers for boosting your cell metabolism.

The VITA‐LIFE R‐System is a device for magnetic resonance stimulation and is thus capable of pushing your well being and vitality.

It generates a pulsating electromagnetic field of low frequency. The intensity is kept low on intention and thus similar to the intensity of earths natural magnetic field. Your body will be spurred or calmed down - based on your body's current demand. The applied magnetic fields can improve your cell metabolism and therefore contribute to your vitality and well being.


How the R-System arrives at your home

The complete set consists of following components:

  • Control unit, chip card
    and power supply

    Control unit, chip card <br/>and power supply

    The control unit produces the magnetic field impulses. It’s simple to use.

    Download: Technical data of the R-System control unit

    The chip card contains several programs for distinct magnetic field impulses. The default setting is a fully automatic time‐dependent program (TCM organ clock). Additional programs serve further use scenarios.

    Download: Program-overview

    Power is supplied by an external unit.

  • Body applicator
    "magnetic field mat"

    Body applicator <br/>"magnetic field mat"

    For the default use on the whole body, this applicator is provided.

    You just lie down, relax and enjoy the application.

  • Local applicator "pad"

    Local applicator "pad"

    The handy "local applicator" is excellent for use on more specific areas (for example in the neck, in the back or on the knee).

  • Biofeedback finger sensor

    Biofeedback finger sensor

    The "biofeedback sensor" is a small clip that reads your heartbeats from your finger. The information is sent to the R‐System's control unit, which in turn interprets the data and adjusts it's parameters based on a patented control loop.

    This means, that the magnetic field is changed based on your body's current demands in real time.

    What is the Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

    "Heart Rate Variability" (HRV) is a known indicator of the autonomic nervous system's current state and "stress levels".

    It is calculated based on the constantly changing time intervals between your heartbeats. By having a device "listen and react" to you and your autonomic nervous system, any form of treatment can be individually customized.

    Vita-Life patented control loop

    If the sympathetic system (responsible for the regulation of your organs) is over active, the R-System will ensure that you are calmed down. If, on the other hand, your parasympathetic system is predominant, the R-System will choose a more stimulating setting.

The R-System can be used for many reasons

The positive effects of the magnetic field therapy on the organism are scientifically proven.
Numerous studies and reports state the following effects:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved oxygen supply
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Pain relief and faster
    recovery from injuries

In sports, the R-System has been successfully for many years.

From running to winter sports, football or extreme sports – VITA-LIFE systems are established in any type of sport for more than two decades. Numerous reports confirm the successes achieved.

In "workplace health promotion" (WHP) the R‐System is used in companies to promote employees health and satisfaction.

VITA-LIFE is proud to name some of the R-System's well-known fans

Famous people from all walks of live love the effects of the R-System:

  • Shirley Bassey
    Shirley Bassey
  • Fürst Albert von Monaco
    Fürst Albert von Monaco
  • Til Schweiger
    Til Schweiger
  • Hansi Hinterseer
    Hansi Hinterseer
  • Lena Valaitis
    Lena Valaitis

How do customers experience
their VITA-LIFE R-System?

  • Orthopaedics

    Since 2009 I have a private VITA-LIFE system. Through intensive applications (usually 2 times a day), I have saved a lot of doctor visits and many medications.

    My orthopaedist has wondered about my healing results without surgery. He had already announced me an artificial knee and hip joint.

  • Fractures

    On November 12, I suffered due to a heavy crash, two comminuted fractures. On November 14, both of which were treated surgically. Plate in the shoulder and wires in the kneecap. On November 15, I sent for the magnetic system (control unit and local applicator) to the hospital.

    I immediately began applying in each case 24 minutes 25% and in constant repetitions. On November 16, I was able to wash and blow-dry the hair by myself again. I did not need any more painkillers and the doctor was just speechless about the fitness and agility after 2 days postoperatively.

  • Severed nerve

    My husband has severed a nerve on the index finger in an accident last week. At the hospital, the nerve and the fabric was sewn together again.

    Through the regular use of the whole-body applicator, the local applicator and especially with the probe applicator, now is all well healed again.

  • Stomach discomfort

    I have tried the VITA-LIFE R-System for 3 weeks. I felt very comfortable immediately and my stomach pains that I have for years, have improved considerably.

    I have bought the R-System now and am really looking forward to bring this therapy every day and regularly in my daily routine.

  • All-round protection

    For about 10 years I (41) use my magnetic mat daily, in the morning before getting up and at night before going to sleep. From my 18 years I had severe wrist pain, so that I could move his hands only in a small angle, particularly for increased work (I now have 4 children) it hurt a lot. At a handrail support on the hands was not to think. This pain is gone, since I use the magnetic field mat.

    Chapped fingers in the winter I do not know since then. And even after a night of sleep I have no withdrawal symptoms (hot-cold, binge eating) more. The magnetic field gives me a lot of energy, so I need less sleep to be fit.

  • Sleep aid

    My wife and I use the magnetic field mat for about 6 weeks, usually only in the evening. For my wife, it is an ideal sleeping aid and the mat has significantly reduced their back pain. They used each evening at full level for about 50 minutes.

    I have to deal much more economical with the field strength, because otherwise I get a beep in the ear (tinnitus?), which can last longer. A strong Psoriasis on the scalp seems to be slow due to less of the mat.

  • Regeneration

    We use in the family, the magnetic field mat for years, with very good success. Because I´m still doing a lot of sports, I can shorten the my regeneration with the mat. My wife had very good results with the mat after a herniated disc and did not have to be operated on.

    My son came down with severe burns on his face and with him we also had rapid success in healing supporting with the mat. I highly recommend this mat just any friend.

  • Sports

    Through the use of the VITA-LIFE R-system, the whole Russian bobsleigh and skeleton team was able to achieve more departures than is normally the case in the 25 days. By increasing the training scope, the technical skills could be improved.

    At the end of training camp a very positive opinion of athletes, coaches, therapists and physician was represented on the use of magnetic resonance system.

  • Service

    Until now I have had very good experiences with both the VITA-LIFE system as well as with my consultant. My questions about the device and the various treatment options were answered competently. Shipping, delivery and packaging have corresponded absolutely to my wishes.

    Specifically, the delivery was very fast and the condition of the product or consignment was absolutely flawless. Overall, I can therefore confirm that I am absolutely satisfied so far.

Important note

The magnetic-resonance-stimulation (MRS) uses pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with low energy and low intensity. To gain the biological effect the MRS uses especially linked frequency bands. Similar to the magnetic field therapy with it´s static or pulsed magnetic fields to treat illnes or dysfunctions, MRS is naturopathic treatment and it´s effectiveness isn´t recognized by academic medicine, completly. All information given here referring to expiriences and results of many applicatons during years and also to many scientific studies. Much of this studies are issued on PubMed. (Search for "PEMF")


How "strong" is the magnetic field, the VITA-LIFE R-System is producing?

The VITA-LIFE R-System produces a pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF) with low intensity. The pulse peak “strength” (magnetic flux density) is at most 400 µT (Mikrotesla). Comparison: Terrestrial magnetic field is about 50 µT in Central-Europe, and about 30 µT at the equator.

What kind of signal form and what frequency the R-System is using?

The R-System is producing magnetic impulses in the form form of a multiple sawtooth wave.

In contrast if a single sinus wave were used, the R-System´s impulse is not at only one single frequency.

There is frequency of the basic impulse and also different frequencies resulting from the bursts (sequence of impulses) and impulse train (sequence of burst). And because it´s a sawtooth signal it contains also harmonic waves.

Generally the R-System offers a “frequency cocktail” within the range of 0,1 to 20.000 Hz.

What happens during magnetic resonance stimulation?

“Magnetic energy is the elementary energy. Without it, there would be no life on earth.” (Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize-laureate in Physics)

Magnetic resonance stimulation (MRS) starts within the smallest unit of the human body: the cell. We are convinced that healthy cells make up vital humans. Magnetic resonance stimulation supports cell regeneration by helping it to better absorb nutriments and oxygen and to withdraw waste materials in a more efficient way. It stimulates the body with a magnetic field, resembling the natural earth magnetic field. This magnetic field can affect the cell, as it vibrates within the same frequency range like the cell itself.

Magnetic resonance stimulation can activate self-healing forces, improve blood circulation and oxygen supply and boost metabolism and immune system. It can have positive effects on the nervous system by alleviating pain. It is an energy station for your body.

Are there any reasons I may not use the R-System?

Because of the R-System is applying pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) there are so called “absolute contraindications” when you absolutly may not use the R-System and “relative contraindications”, when you can use it under medical advice.
Find out more here.

I have a pacemaker or similar electronic implant. Can I use magnetic resonance stimulation / the R-System?

Such an electronic implant is basically a absolute contraindication and the application is not allowed. (Interference and interference could occur.)
For contraindications, see here.

In 2006, a study was carried out at the ARC Seibersdorf / MedUni Vienna (cardiology) with the then current VITA-LIFE MRS2000+.
Title: Interference of programmed electromagnetic stimulation with pacemakers and automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators.
Authors: Gwechenberger M., Rauscha F., Stix G., Schmid G., Strametz-Juranek J.
Published in: Bioelectromagnetics; 2006 Jul; 27(5)365-77

Please refer your doctor or physician to this study.
Only with the knowledge of the model used by you (“device passport”) and the result of the study, he can and may decide whether you can use the magnetic resonance stimulation with your electronic implant.

Without the clarification with your attending physician or physician the application is not allowed!

I have metal implants in the body. Can I use the R system anyway?

The magnetic field impulses used in the VITA-LIFE R system are of low “strength”. The magnetic flux densities of the pulse peaks are between 5 μT (micro-Tesla) and 200 μT or 400 μT. (See also question “Magnetic field strengths”).
For comparison, the average “strength” of the Earth’s magnetic field in Europe is currently about 50 μT (micro-Tesla). Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) achieves approximately 9 (!) Tesla.

The frequencies of the magnetic field pulses in the R system are in the low frequency range (0-20,000 Hz. Including harmonics.)

For these two reasons, the application is harmless even with metallic implants, since only very small currents are induced or acts as good as no thermal or magnetic effect on the implants.

However, electronic implants such as cardiac pacemakers are fundamentally a contraindication and are before being used with a physician.
For contraindications, see here.

Can I use it without undressing me?

There is no reason to remove any clothing since electromagnetic fields penetrate the clothing and the entire body. However, constrictive items of clothing should be loosened.

Can I place the Whole Body Applicator (the "mat") in the (Box Spring) bed or on a lounger?

To note when placing in a bed or on a lounger are two factors:

1. Distraction / distortion of the magnetic field
2. Hardness / flexibility of the pad of the whole-body applicator

Metals with magnetic properties (e.g., iron) can distort magnetic fields. For example, if the whole body applicator were placed under a mattress with (pocket) spring cores made of iron, the magnetic field emanating from the applicator would be deflected / distorted, which could impair the success of the application.

At least between the whole-body applicator and your own body should therefore be no level that has metals with magnetic properties.

For example, placing the Whole Body Applicator on a couch with an aluminum frame will have no effect because aluminum has no magnetic properties.

The pad for the whole-body applicator must not be too soft to avoid permanent wave formation on the surface and damage to the coil winding inside. An exercise mat or a hard mattress are suitable as a base as well as a floor or a massage or relaxation lounger.

If an iron-free mattress and iron-free slatted base are used in the bed, then the whole-body applicator can be installed, for example, on one level below the slatted base and mattress.

Since Box spring beds usually use iron pocket springs, it is not recommended to use them in such a bed.
Theoretically, a placement under the top layer (“topper”) would be possible, but argues that the underlying mattress is too soft and flexible, which can lead to damage of the whole-body applicator.

What does the biofeedback-sensor measures?

The biofeedback-sensor measures the heartbeat.

The VITA-LIFE R-System is computing the heart-rate variability (HRV).
The HRV is an indicator of the autonomic nervous system and for the “stress-level”.
The VITA-LIFE R-System adjusts the parameter (intensity) of the impulses regarding to the HRV in “real time”. So the VITA-LIFE R-System is able to “communicate” with the body and is self-regulating.

Do I feel anything during application?

Those people who do report concrete sensations, either feel a mild tingling resulting from stimulacion of the nerves or a slight warming, particularly in the back area. This occurs as a result of improved circulation.

There is no connection whatsoever beween whether â patient feels anything during treatment and the effect of the treatment on the patient.

I have a medical problem. Does the R-System help me and which programs can I use?

For legal reasons, we must not give specific and individual recommendations for use in the presence of medical indications.

Such “therapy recommendations” are the responsibility of physicians and doctors. Please contact a doctor or a physician.

General application recommendations can be found in the practical guide “VITA LIFING”.
Information and ordering options can be found here.

The VITA-LIFE R system or Magnetic Resonance Stimulation may be used as long as there are no contraindications.
You can view / download the contraindications here.

It is important to understand the magnetic resonance stimulation.
It must be understood as support for the organism to activate the body’s own self-healing powers or to (re) establish the normal state of the cell metabolism.
This can result in the many and varied benefits of the application.

Even if the various programs have very different application parameters, it is not possible to recommend a certain program “against” a specific indication with 100% certainty.
The best application is the one that’s ever done.

It is also important to understand that “much” (intensity = magnetic flux density) does not always help automatically “much”.
In supportive use after fractures, the high intensities have been proven. (max 400% = 400 micro tesla with the smart card “Fitness” or max 200% = 200 micro tesla with the smart card “Wellness”.)
In many other applications, the low intensities between “sens” (= 5% = 5 micro-Tesla) and 50% = 50 micro-Tesla (approximately earth magnetic field strength) usually prove themselves.

Where can I find out more about the applications of the VITA-LIFE R-System?

Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Johana Hübscher is co-author of the 67-page and paperbound application guide “VITA-LIFING – Clinical Manual for the R-System”.
VITA-LIFING” is available in the VITA-LIFE accessory shop.

This little manual is intended to help the doctor or alternative practitioner, the physiotherapist and the MTA and MTF, as well as the ambitious home user, to make the best use of the VITA-LIFE R system and achieve optimal results.

The book is intended as a quick reference book for the practice.

Among other things, it describes the possible applications, the mechanisms of action, biofeedback, finger sensor and heart rate variability (HRV) as well as the associated diagram on the display of the R system and the programs.
Intensities, duration of use, duration until onset of action, inefficiency and individual sensations are described as well as general applications in medical indications.

Important note: The book is not intended to make diagnoses or suggest treatments for illnesses; For this, always turn to trained specialist personnel from medicine and medical practice.

What is the difference between the VITA-LIFE R system and the system of ...

As a rule, we do not answer questions about “differences” between market participants’ and VITA-LIFE’s PEMF systems because the differences are of different relevance to each person and there is no “better” or “worse” per se.
(PEMF = pulsating electro-magnetic fields)

However, the special features of the VITA-LIFE R system are:
The R system uses biofeedback regulation.
The whole body applicator of the R system is designed as a homogenous field applicator. (almost the same magnetic field everywhere)
The pulse shape of the R system is modeled on a naturally occurring impulse in the body. (The “piezo impulse” is delivered by bone cells under load.) In contrast, the R system uses a piezo pulse in the form of a triangular sawtooth, while other manufacturers usually rely on other pulse shapes.)

Of course, a competitor’s system is not “exactly the same” as a VITA-LIFE system. In most cases, other signal types and additional equipment are used.
Some manufacturers / sellers will also claim to offer “the best, the latest, the only effective system”.
We refrain from it.

More than 20 years of VITA-LIFE and 160,000 customers all over Europe speak for the VITA-LIFE systems.

Maybe the purchase price is an argument.

Here you will also find the model history of VITA-LIFE Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. (in German)

In it you can see the differences between the past VITA-LIFE product generations (and thus also the systems of most market participants) to the current R system.

Is the efficacy scientifically proven?

People who tried magnetic resonance stimulation, know which effects it can possibly have.

For some years, the effect has been proven – there are a variety of studies on the subject.
Here on PubMed you will find a lot of studies related to this topic.

Important note: The magnetic resonance stimulation (MRS) uses pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with low energy and low intensity. To gain biological effects, MRS uses especially linked frequency bands.
Similar to the magnetic field therapy with its static or pulsed magnetic fields to treat diseases or dysfunctions, MRS is a naturopathic treatment and its effectiveness is not recognized by academic medicine.
All information given here refers to experiences and results of many applications during years and also to many scientific studies. Many of these studies are issued on PubMed.

Which role can magnetic resonance stimulation play in medicine?

Magnetic resonance stimulation has shown effects in the treatment of pain and diseases and in prevention.

Chronic pain, stress-related diseases, orthopedic, dental or gynaecologic problems – all these fields can profit from magnetic resonance stimulation.

The effects are scientifically proven. It can support the healing process after operations and injuries and it is used more and more in prevention and as supplementary therapy in conservative medicine.

Further information can be found here: Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation and medicine

With which partners does VITA-LIFE cooperate in the field of magnetic resonance stimulation?

We have a medical advisory board and a panel of experienced scientists and health professionals, who support us with their knowledge and experiences in the field of magnetic resonance stimulation.

The medical advisory board consists of independent scientists and health professionals, who voluntarily monitor and supervise the research activities and consult us. The seven to nine permanent members meet one to two times a year, analyse the results of our studies and assist us in developing new products.

These are the experts, scientists and health professionals who we cooperate with: Dr. Martin Gschwender, Prof. Dr. Johanna Hübscher (University of Jena, Germany), Dr. Sebastijan Piberl, Dr. Nanett Nyhuis, Dr. Piero Lercher, Dr. Rodney Adeniyi-Jones, Dr. Seidl Peter, Dr. Ulrich Passow, etc. Find out more about them here.

How can magnetic resonance stimulation be applied at the workplace?

An increasing number of sick leaves, turnovers and stress are daily business in many enterprises. Good employers care for their staff and are interested in their well being. It’s a win-win-situation: People who feel good, rather enjoy working.

The workplace health promotion is a business strategy, which promotes health and well being of the employees. Find out, how the magnetic resonance stimulation can contribute to this strategy.

How can magnetic resonance stimulation be used in sports?

Efficient methods are quickly accepted while inefficient are being rejected even more quickly – this principle has helped magnetic resonance stimulation to establish in all kinds of sports – professional or amateur sports, football, skiing or running – a long time ago. Magnetic resonance stimulation has been and still is being used in training, regeneration or as accompanying measure in the treatment of sports injuries.

How do the effects show? Magnetic resonance stimulation can contribute to the release of body tensions, the enhancement of endurance, the acceleration of muscle growth, the stabilization of sleep-wake-cycle and much more. And: The efficacy of magnetic resonance stimulation in the treatment of sore muscles is meanwhile clinically verified.

The VITA LIFE systems are being successfully used in several forms of sport, from running and winter sports to football and extreme sports.

What is the warranty period for purchasing a new VITA-LIFE R-Ssystem?

The warranty period for newly purchased Magnetic Resonance Systems from VITA-LIFE is 24 months from the date of purchase and extends to the proper use. (This warranty is in addition to the statutory warranty and does not limit your warranty rights.)
Further information can be found HERE.

How can I make sure that my magnetic field system works properly?

The VITA-LIFE eMRS / R system has a built-in self-test.
Each time it is switched on, the electronics of the control unit and also the connected applicators are checked. If an error or defect of the applicator is detected, an error message appears in the display.

The VITA-LIFE MRS2000+ (predecessor system of the eMRS / R system) has a self-test of the control unit. (A test of the applicators does not take place.)
A defect in the control unit is indicated by an error message on the display.
However, if an applicator is broken (e.g., internal wire breakage), it usually goes unnoticed.
You can check whether an applicator still works perfectly with the aid of a magnetic field tester.
Such indicates whether the applicator emits magnetic field pulses during operation.
A magnetic field tester you can buy HERE in the accessories webshop.

Alternatively, you can check your system at the VITA-LIFE Europe headquarters in Velden am Wörthersee.
See also next question: “Can I have checked my VITA-LIFE magnetic field system for functionality?”

Can I have checked my VITA-LIFE magnetic field system for functionality?

Yes you can. We offer this service within the scope of service packages.

If you have a magnetic field system from the first generations, the service package “Youngtimer” is the right one for you.
You can find information about the procedure and the possibility of commissioning HERE.
The magnetic field systems of the first generation include:
VITA-LIFE Salut-1, MRS2000, MRS2000 +, MRS2000compact

If you already have a new-generation magnetic field system, the “3G” service package is suitable for you.
You can find information about the procedure and the possibility of commissioning HERE.
The new generation magnetic field systems include:
VITA-LIFE eMRS / R system

Who can I contact in case of problems or malfunctions with VITA-LIFE magnetic field systems?

In addition to your consultant and VITA-LIFE sales partner, you can also contact the VITA-LIFE Trading and Support Centre Europe in Velden am Wörthersee.

More information can be found HERE.

Where can I buy the VITA-LIFE R-System?

You can buy the VITA-LIFE R-System with detailed advice via any of our distribution partners.
Or send us your purchase request directly from here via the form below.

R-System set already available starting at EUR 2.201,-.

Scope of delivery like shown above. Including software chip card "Wellness".
Price in Euro incl. VAT und shipping within EU.